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Terms and Conditions

Liability Waiver and Tolerance Policy

I desire to engage voluntarily in an exercise program offered by Africana Dance & Fitness, LLC. I understand that the activities may be strenuous. I understand that I am responsible for monitoring my own condition throughout my workouts. 

In signing this consent form, I affirm that I have read and understood it. I know that there may be risks associated with fitness classes and I accept those risks.  To the extent I deem advisable, I will consult a physician before participating in any of the activities. 

I hereby waive and release from all liability Africana Dance & Fitness for any injury or harm which may occur to me during my participation in Africana Dance & Fitness events. 

 Africana Dance & Fitness is made up of women of all ages and from every walk of life working together to build a strong community.  

Anyone who is female or self-identifies as a woman is welcome. We also welcome individuals whose gender identity falls outside the male-female binary.  

Together we work to ensure that all our participants - regardless of fitness level, age, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender identity, income, or sexual orientation - have the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity.

Late Policy Personal Training

Arriving late to your session results in loss of session time.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 24-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule a session.

  • A no-show will be considered a paid session.

  • To cancel a session, please call the trainer directly.

  • All personal training sessions must be used within three months of the package purchase date.

  • If the Trainer ends employment at the Africana Dance & Fitness  before the Client’s training package is completed, the Client can complete their remaining sessions with another Africana Dance & Fitness Trainer. Refunds for training packages will not be issued.

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