Meet the Founder


My name is Aimee Salmon and I am from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I am the Founder/CEO of Africana Dance & Fitness, LLC and the Africana Store. This business stems from my belief in the importance of exercise for physical and mental health. I am also committed to building a diverse and supportive community around our wellness, education, and cultural programs. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, and I love to help people.


I am a:

  • Certified Zumba Instructor

  • Certified Strong Nation HIIT Instructor

  • Certified Zumba Gold Instructor

  • Certified Zumbini Instructor

  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor 

  • Certified Personal Trainer 

  • Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition 

  • First Aid and CPR Certified 

I am currently a student at Mount Holyoke College, majoring in Psychology and Education with a minor in Entrepreneurship, Organizations & Society. I expect to graduate in May 2023. My educational goal is to pursue my MBA after completing my MHC degree and grow the Africana business with my team. Together We Can Do It!