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BIPOC* Access Program
*Black, Indigenous and People of Color

We are now offering access at a nominal fee to our Africana Dance & Fitness programs to BIPOC people in the Pioneer Valley with limited financial means.

We recognize that economic disparities limit opportunities of all sorts for the BIPOC community.
And we want to help in our small way. The nominal price will be $20 per month for access to all online and in-person classes. (Standard price is $75)

This discount is available to anyone in the BIPOC community who would like to take advantage of this offer. Of course, if you can, please consider supporting our programs by paying the total price - or even donating to this effort!

Thank you for investing in Africana Dance & Fitness—for today and the future.


Apply here for the BIPOC Access Program.

Thank you for your investment!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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