Change Your Life for the Better!

At Africana Dance & Fitness, our goal is to bring a community of

women for diverse backgrounds together through dance and fitness. We focus on our mental and physical health through exercise, self-love, self-expression, and women empowerment. When "WE" women exercise, we boost our confidence, self-esteem, mood, and body image. 


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exercise helps reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. CDC confirms that regular physical activity improves overall health and fitness, reducing the risk of serious health problems like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some cancers.


All this means that movement is key to a longer and healthier life. Africana Dance & Fitness is designed to provide a non-judgmental, safe space for women to enjoy physical activity together. We welcome women from all demographics and fitness levels.

We are all in this together!!!

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Benefits of Physical Activity

According to the CDC,  regular exercise can :

  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Reduce risk for Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome

  • Reduce risk of some cancers

  • Strengthen bones & muscles

  • Improve mental health & mood

  • Improve ability to do daily activities and prevent falls for older adults

  • Increase chances of living longer

Why Africana Dance & Fitness

Come to Africana Dance and Fitness to build friendships amongst women and supporters of women who enjoy a fun and inclusive workout environment. Join a fun afro-beat dance party while exploring African culture with Certified Trainer Aimee Salmon: the creative dance choreographies that are fun and tailored for all fitness levels!

Suitable for Beginners







Professional Trainers

Creative choreography

to Afro-beats

Gives back to community

Fosters friendships