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Health and Wellness,  Retail, Beauty, Culture, and Fashion

All Hands In

Our mission is to connect our community through health and wellness, multicultural education, and arts.

WELCOME to Africana Dance & Fitness, LLC

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"I do multiple virtual Zumba and Afro dance workouts with Aimee each week. I was hesitant about the Strong class as I was sure it would be beyond my ability or just too intimidating, but I was intrigued by the idea of adding something new. At almost 74, trying new things can be so rewarding. I was so happy to find the workout both interesting and exciting as I tried new moves, adapting in my own way as I felt I needed to. I see it as an accomplishment! Not scary, not beyond my capabilities but an additional way to approach staying healthy and happy.

I think Aimee is one if the best instructors to learn from. I always feel I can follow her and I can easily adapt to my needs as she includes and shows variations to try. This Strong Nation class is different than other classes but also familiar at the same time. Great moves, great music. Thank you Aimee for opening the door to this new kind of workout.”

~Maddy Etkin

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